IR Zahnkettenrad

Sprockets are welded steel fabrications either in one piece or with replaceable tooth segments for drive and tail sections;
case hardened – highly wear resistant;
fabricated steel sprockets can be provided for every medium and long chain pitchtooth combination;
any number of teeth available;
hub design, bore diameter, and key size can be specified by the customer.

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Scope of delivery
Chain sprocket IR ... W, in one piece, case hardened and with machined hub
Chain sprocket IR ... W-Seg, machined hub, 2 pcs. case hardened tooth segments, counter plate with mounting bolts and nuts

Example of the order
2 pcs. chain sprockets IR 16/10-64 W-Seg ready to install for chain 16 x 64, Number of teeth z = 10
Offset hub: length I = 130, length I1 = 50
Hub bore dia. = 100 H7 and keyway acc. to DIN 6885